Take your business to a new level in 2010


Take your business to a new level in 2010 .  Attend this amazing & free class sponsored by Xpedishon Coaching

Xpedishon provides group coaching to solopreneurs and small business owners. Xpedishon was co-founded by Rainmakers CEO Tony Scelzo, Matthew Griffith, Ed Turi, and Jack Klemeyer.  We are looking for 150 individuals who want to grow their business to over $500,000 per year in revenue.  We have a proven system that has helped hundreds of individuals signficantly grow their business. 


March 19th , 10:00 – 11:30 am   

Details & Free Registration for the March Xcelleration Event.


  • Are you willing to invest 90 minutes of your time to find out how to significantly grow your business in 2010? 
  • Are you done with this slow economy?   Ready for better times?
  • If you are frustrated with the challenges of running your business in this tough economy we would like to invite you to a free workshop to show you how you can double and even triple your business in 2010.  

Matthew Grffiith, Tony Scelzo, Jack Klemeyer, and Ed Turi, the owners of Xpedishon Coaching, will lead an inspiring and dynamic presentation where you will learn- 

  • The three areas that you must focus on to grow your business.
  •  The top limiting beliefs that you must eliminate before you can ever succeed in business.
  • How to structure your business to grow bigger than you ever thought possible.  

People come to Xpedishon, because they are motivated and committed to growing their business despite the challenging economy.  If you are committed to growing your business in 2010, then this free one-hour workshop is for you.   

When: March 19th  
Where: Franklin University, 4th floor, (Allisonville and 82nd)   
Time: 10:00 – 11: 30 am
About Xpedishon –


Xpedishon is a group coaching process that is known for its ability to quickly help clients get high impact results. Owned by Tony Scelzo, Jack Klemeyer, Ed Turi, and Matthew Griffith.  All are highly experienced coaches and successful entrepreneurs.   

Testimonial:  Hear what Chris Reed has to say about Xpedishon  

“Xpedishon was an incredible challenge for me as VP of Business Development for FileEngine. The coaching and accountability caused me to think outside my head and see things coming that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. The process helped me to realize that I had an entrepreneurial spirit and I needed to start my own business. The coaching, accountability and the group helped me through so many of the trappings and pitfalls that can bring a new business to its knees. Prior to Xpedishon I wouldn’t have dreamed I could have started my own company and within 120 days be steering a $250,000 a year company! I have been able to achieve my goals and I have grown personally because of this process.”    



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