Are You Violating Lead Paint Rules?



Here is a reminder for all home sellers, residential realtors, brokers, investors and property managers to learn, understand and follow the federal lead paint disclosure rules.




The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently filed a complaint against property manager National Enterprises, Inc. and owner MA No. 2, LLC in Springfield, Massachusetts.  the complaint asserts that these targets violated the federal Lead Disclosure Rule when they failed to disclose information about lead paint to tenants who rented between June 2004 and January 2005. The EPA is seeking a penalty of up to $11,000 per violation for the 30 violations of the Disclosure Rule.


Please remember to provide the EPA Renovate Right pamphlet during renovation projects in pre-1978 homes which can be downloaded in several places on the Internet, such as (choose codes and laws, and select EPA lead rule info option.)


Also, make sure your purchase agreements, leases, land contracts and similar documents comply with this law.


Matthew A. Griffith is an attorney, business performance coach, mentor and entrepreneur.  He coaches, advises and guides business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors, property managers, investors and real estate professionals.  Matt has nearly two decades of experience helping businesses grow.


2 thoughts on “Are You Violating Lead Paint Rules?

  1. Hi Matt
    My father was a house painter, now, I am a painter, and I am looking for information, about becomeing a lead paint remover. How do I become a Massachusetts License Lead Paint Remover.I looked on the internet for hours, and I just can’t find anything, to point me in the wright way to go.
    Thanks Jaime

    • Jaime-

      I am not liensed in Massachusetts, and cannot give you legal advice for your state. But, I can give you practical advice to find the legal help you need. Here are some suggestions.

      Firstly, I suggest that you find a business lawyer in Massachusetts. A good lawyer in your state can access state laws and regulations, and assist you in getting licensed.

      Alternatively, contact the governing body that issues licenses. That is probably a state agency. Go to the Massachusetts state government website. Once you find the right agency, that office can get you the licensing rules and related laws.

      Or, call your state representative or senator, and ask for help in finding the right state agency.

      Or, call the Govenor’s office, and ask for help in finding the right state agency.

      Good luck.


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