All Employees Are Involved in Sales – Part III


I ordered coleslaw not fries!


You only offer ONE COMPANY EXPERIENCE for your clients and customers.


There is no shipping department.  There is no sales team.  There is no service department.  There is only a store!  From the customer’s perspective, there is ONE and ONLY ONE store.

If a restaurant patron has a problem with the table or the silverware or the food, it is up to every restaurant employee to make sure that patron is satisfied.


Are you thinking about how your employees are treating your customers?  Your better be thinking about it!


Have you trained, either directly or indirectly, your employees to “pass the buck?”  Are there financial incentives in place that encourage the wrong employee behaviors?  In other words, do your employees make more money in their paychecks by “passing the buck” on to other employees?


Remember that what we tolerate, we teach.  Even worse, your employee compensation structure may be encouraging employee behaviors that harm your customers’ buying experiences.  If your customer is not 100% satisfied, there is an opportunity for your competitor to take business away from you.  Your competitor does not have to be perfect.  Your competitor just has to be better than you are.


So, in summary, your customer needs to have a satisfying experience when dealing with your employees.  If your employees are projecting your internal operational shortcomings onto your customers, then the buying experience is less than 100% satisfactory.  And that is all the opportunity your competitors require to make your customers their customers.


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