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I am a huge fan of visuals!  I’m talking about concepts and ideas presented in a visual format of some type.




Because we are visual creatures.  Most people learn faster and better by seeing it first.  Then, after they can “see” the concept, we are more likely to grasp/understand the details and nuances that are best explained through words in sentences, paragraphs, articles or books.


I believe in visuals in my teaching.  I use charts, graphs, diagrams, etc. when I coach, counsel, lecture or teach.  I even use role playing, chair positioning, etc. as a way for my clients to learn and remember the lessons I teach them.  Years ago, I bought a book called “The Great Big Book of Process Visuals (or Give Me a Double Axis Chart And I Can Rule the World)” by one of my learning mentors, Alan Weiss, Ph.D.  I don’t use all the visuals in Doctor Weiss’ book, but I did learn a great deal from reading and studying it.  Mostly, I learned that I need to use visuals as often as possible to help my clients learn faster, learn better and retain more of that learning.


Here’s a great example of a visual from John Janash, of Ducttape Marketing:


Can you imagine trying to teach this concept by words alone?  Better yet, can you imagine that your listener would better understand the words alone?


I think not.  I think this chart shows and reveals and teaches a great deal about marketing, without any explanation at all.


However, I’m a lawyer by training.  And lawyers love to use lots of words.  So, I am going to dedicate several blog posts to exploring the concepts presented in this chart.  Until then, take 5 to 45 minutes simply to read and read again this chart.  Consider how it was outlined and structured.  Consider the color scheme.  What do the words mean to you?  Are there other words you’d use instead.  What is missing?  What is unnecessary?


Most importantly, what does this chart make you think about when considering your company or organization?


How can you use visuals to educate clients or customers?

How can visuals help you in management?



On the subject of what’s missing, read this:



SPECIAL THANKS TO LORRAINE BALL.  I got this chart from Lorraine Ball at Round Peg.  I follow Lorraine on Twitter and through my blog reader, and you should too!

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