Be a Pelican- Dive In!



Two weeks ago, I was sitting on a beach, looking out across crystal clear blue Caribbean waters with the sun about three hours from setting.  That’s when I noticed this pelican fishing.  Pelicans are large birds, so it takes some effort to lift off, clear the ocean’s surface and fly nearly straight up 50 feet or so.


The pelican slowly drifted in flight a few yards, searching for fish just below the surface, 50 feet in the air, and then the pelican folded in its wings to its sides, and would dive straight down to the ocean.  It torpedoed into the water, using its beak to stab at and capture a meal of fresh fish.


Amazing.  I watched that bird for nearly an hour.  It must have made 15 dives while I was watching.


What in the World does this story have to do with business?


You need to be “pelican like” in your business operations.  I know, I know. . .  we’re in a recession.  You have to watch cash flow.  You can’t afford to make mistakes.   Blah, blah, blah.


What was your excuse when we weren’t in a recession?  Frankly, you can’t afford NOT to take risks.


Too many businesses are too passive in exploring growth opportunities or bettering existing operations.  In a recession or in good times, you’ve got to be calculating, smart and aggressive.  Sometimes, you’ve got to go for it, just like a pelican diving for a meal!


You can be smart and aggressive.  You can take calculated risks.  Sometimes, a pelican dives but misses the fish.   Sometimes, businesses take chances that don’t work out well.  However, doing the same thing over and over without innovation, calculated risk taking and determination leads to slow deaths, for pelicans and businesses both.


Virtually every successful entrepreneur had several failures before their first success.  Then again, successful entrepreneurs understand the art of being “pelican like.”


What are you doing this week to catch more fish?

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