SAFE Act Catches Lawyers By Surprise

I have been writing and talking about the SAFE Act- which makes most land contracts in Indiana unlawful- for months now.   I thought that I was the only lawyer in town who had heard of the new law.  No one seemed to know about it.

That recently changed, as a wave of panic swept through the local real estate bar in recent weeks.  And boy oh boy, are there some shocked and angry real estate lawyers out there.  This is a horrible new law in that it makes it unlawful for many people to sell their own real estate on contract.

It has been such a rude awakening for so many lawyers that a Continuing Legal Education class was quickly organized for next Friday in a matter of weeks.  Usually, CLE’s are planned months and months in advance.

Congratulations to those of you who listened to my teleclass on the SAFE Act or who read my blog.  You knew about this crazy new law long before many real estate lawyers did.

If you want to learn more about the SAFE Act and the several new laws that have passed recently, register for the July 17 real estate class.  Details are here.

You can also listen to the teleclass on this blog.

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